How to place orders? Select the product you are interested in, its quantity parameters, attach graphics and personalizations if they are to be made, pay for the order, you will receive confirmation of receipt and information about the date of implementation on the e-mail indicated in the form.
What's the time of realisation? Realization time depends on the number of orders carried out in a given period, we confirm the realization date when placing the order, usually it is to 10 business days.
Won't the printing disappear? The direct sublimation method is currently the most durable technique for decorating clothing.
What are the additional costs borne by the customer? The customer does not bear any additional costs associated with the implementation of the order if he chooses a ready project or prepares a graphic design himself.
What is the cost of transport? Transport by Inpost courier in Poland is free, in the European Union, DPD courier and UPS from 11 euros / carton.
How to adjust sizes? Sizes can be adjusted based on the size chart next to each product.
Is an advance payment required before production? Yes, before starting production it is necessary to confirm payment of the order or send an official order (for public institutions).
Can clothes be used by children? Yes - we use new generation inks, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, without APE.
Is it possible to manufacture clothes in 1-3 days? yes - Express production service is introduced, which in exceptional cases allows the production of small batches of clothing in 1-3 days.
Is it possible to manufacture clothes made of my knitwear or my typefaces? yes, we can also make any clothes from yours fabric and templates.
Can I order the production of one pieces? Yes - we introduced the sample production service - it is a separate item, the sample production time is the same as the production of the entire order.